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Amendments made to Coroners Regulations 2019

On 11 October 2022, certain amendments were made to the Coroners Regulations 2019.

Under the amended Regulations, there is now a new category of person considered to be ‘in care’ under Regulation 7 of the Coroners Regulations 2019, being a person in Victoria who is a Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) resident residing in an SDA enrolled dwelling. The amendments also introduce an associated reporting obligation under Regulation 8 for a person who: (ii) is funded to provide an SDA resident with daily independent living support; and (ii) has reasonable grounds to believe that the resident's death has not been reported to a coroner or the Institute.

The death of a person in Victoria who is an SDA resident residing in an SDA enrolled dwelling should be reported to the Coroner in the usual way. You can also make an enquiry as to whether a death appears to be reportable. For information about how to report a death, click here