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About us

The Coroners Court of Victoria has three roles:

  • independently investigate deaths and fires
  • reduce preventable deaths
  • promote public health and safety and the administration of justice

What we do

Victorian families are at the centre of everything we do – from conducting thorough investigations, providing respectful services and how we share court information and documents.

Web Series

Go behind the doors of the Coroners Court of Victoria and Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine and meet some of Australia’s top forensic and legal experts.

Our people

To deliver the best services possible to Victorian families, the court works closely with other courts and organisations.

Our history

The Coroners Court of Victoria was established on 1 November 2009 when the Coroners Act 2008 came into effect.


The Coroners Act 2008 requires the reporting of certain deaths, and establishes the Coroners Court of Victoria as a specialist inquisitorial court.

Working with us

The Coroners Court of Victoria offers a range of full-time, part-time and casual positions.