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Feedback, complaints and compliments

To submit feedback, a complaint or a compliment please complete the webform below.

Alternatively, if you wish to make your comments in writing, a letter can be addressed to:

Feedback and Complaints Officer
Coroners Court of Victoria
65 Kavanagh Street
Southbank, Victoria

The Coroners Court of Victoria Feedback and Complaints Policy provides a framework for how we manage feedback, compliments and complaints.

Concerns about a decision

The Court cannot address concerns about a decision made by a coroner. Such concerns can only be determined by way of the formal appeal process. Legal advice should be sought in relation to this.

Complaint about a coroner

From 1 July 2017, a complaint about the conduct or capacity of a Victorian judicial officer, including coroners, should be made to the Judicial Commission of Victoria.

The Commission is an independent organisation established under the Judicial Commission of Victoria Act 2016, to investigate complaints about a judicial officer and/or VCAT member. The commission provides an accessible and transparent complaint process which aims to ensure that public confidence in Victorian courts and the VCAT is maintained.

Who can make a complaint to the commission?

A member of the public or the legal profession can make a complaint by filling out the online complaint form available on the Judicial Commission of Victoria website.

The Law Institute of Victoria and Bar Association can also refer a complaint on behalf of their members without disclosing the identity of the complainant.

What type of complaint can the commission investigate?

The commission's role is to investigate complaints about the capacity or conduct of a judicial officer or VCAT member. For example, a complaint about inappropriate conduct in Court or a matter which may affect the performance of the officer's function.

The commission cannot investigate the correctness of a decision made by a judicial officer or VCAT member, it is not a substitute for the appeal process. Nor can it investigate a complaint about court or VCAT staff.

Feedback, complaints and compliments

The Coroners Court of Victoria welcomes any feedback, complaints or compliments you may have. Complete the information below to provide general feedback, a compliment, or make a complaint about any of the services provided to you or the effect of the coronial process on you and your family.

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Feedback, complaint or compliment

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