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What happens first?

Many things will happen very quickly in the days following a reportable death.

The coroner is notified

A police officer or healthcare practitioner may tell you they have ‘notified the coroner’ or are ‘preparing a report for the coroner’.

Police may ask you questions about the person, or the circumstances surrounding the death. They pass this information on to the coroner.

We take your loved one into our care

Your loved one will most likely be transported to the coronial services building in Southbank. Here they will be cared for while initial medical examinations take place.

Establishing who is senior next of kin

Someone from Coronial Admissions and Enquiries (CA&E) will call you.

A staff member will first want to establish who will be senior next of kin.

Key decisions will be made

Staff will then talk the senior next of kin through key decisions they will need to make, identification requirements or any medical examinations requested by the coroner. 

You can organise the funeral within days

You can contact a funeral director immediately – you do not need to wait for the coroner’s investigation to finish.

The funeral director will liaise with CA&E about the release of your loved one from our care. This usually occurs within five to seven days.

We respect your religious and cultural beliefs

Everyone taken into our care is treated with dignity and respect.

Please let us know if you object to some medical procedures because of your religious or cultural beliefs.

Need an interpreter or translator?

Please call us to arrange for assistance.

More information

Download our brochure What happens now?

Translations of the What happens now? brochure can also be found here.


Last updated on 29 Jan 2021