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The process for families

You may be wondering why your loved one’s death has been referred to the coroner.

By law, certain deaths must be reported to the coroner. This is usually done by doctors, police officers and other professions.

The coroner investigates every case that has been referred to confirm identity and cause of death, and to find opportunities to prevent similar deaths in the future.

After a death has been reported

Many things will happen very quickly in the days following a reportable death.

Find out who may be contacting you and what they will be asking.

Death certificates

The coroner provides the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages with information about the cause of death so the death can be registered and a death certificate issued.

Funeral and release of body

Families wishing to organise the funeral of a loved one whose death has been reported to the court do not need to wait for the coronial investigation to be completed before beginning to make their arrangements.

Request coronial documents

You may request common coronial documents from the court, subject to coroner's approval.