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We provide publications that cover the coroners process, information for families immediately following the reporting of a death of a loved one, and information for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Find and download our publications.

  • Access to coronial documents

    The factsheet outlines the process for obtaining copies of court documents, including who is eligible to apply and how to apply.

  • Coroners Court Fees and Fines 2023 — 2024

    Victorian courts and the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) charge a range of:

    • fees for services and regulatory purposes, including licensing and registering certain activities 
    • fines for improper conduct, and to discourage unlawful behaviour.

    This document provides a list of fees and fines for the Coroners Court of Victoria for 1 July 2023 — 30 June 2024

  • Coroners Prevention Unit

    This brochure outlines the role of the Coroners Prevention Unit (CPU).

    CPU is a specialist service for coroners created to strengthen their prevention role and provide them with expert assistance.

  • Coroners Process - Information for family and friends

    This booklet has been designed to assist in understanding the coronial process and to provide information about support available to families and friends whose loved one's death is being investigated by the Coroners Court of Victoria.

  • Guidance on whether to request an inquest

    A fact sheet for legal practitioners or anyone considering requesting an inquest be held as part of an active coronial investigation.

  • Information for Witnesses, Family and Friends. Attending Hearings at the Coroners Court of Victoria: Impact of Exposure to Trauma & Self Care

    Attending court hearings can be emotionally demanding for witnesses, family, and friends. This resource provides information about supports for witnesses, family and friends attending court. 

  • Inquests

    An inquest is a court hearing into a single death, multiple deaths or a fire.

    The Coroners Court of Victoria investigates certain deaths and fires to find out their cause. Coroners also make recommendations to help prevent similar deaths and fires in the future. Not all investigations will result in an inquest.

  • The Coroners Court and the Koori Community

    This short brochure explains the things you need to know immediately after the death of a loved one is reported to the coroner.

  • What happens now?

    This short brochure explains the things you need to know immediately after the death of a loved one is reported to the coroner.