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For interested parties

If you have information relevant to an investigation, or may be affected by the coroner’s findings, you can apply to be an interested party.

If approved, we can give you information and documents that we otherwise cannot share.

Who can be an interested party?

Interested parties may include:

  • family members (other than the senior next of kin)
  • employers
  • a doctor who treated the person who died
  • a person who, in a coroner’s opinion, may be involved in some way with the death or fire.

Applying to be an interested party

Please complete the application for leave to appear as an interested party form and submit to the court.

Why become an interested party?

You may:

  • be granted access to relevant court documents once an inquest has been scheduled
  • appear or be represented at an inquest, give a statement to the court, and ask questions of witnesses
  • make a submission to the coroner about relevant witnesses, and give statements, documents or other relevant items to the coroner
  • be alerted when the coroner is ready to deliver the findings
  • appeal to the Supreme Court against the findings.

In becoming an interested party, you will receive the same protection as a party to a proceeding in the Supreme Court.

Last updated on 17 Feb 2023