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For legal professionals

Like other courts, we have a suite of forms to help guide you through our processes.

Before contacting us, please consider if there is a form you first need to submit.

Are you representing someone involved in an investigation?

Please notify the court by becoming an interested party.

This will ensure you are given updates and important documents.

You may apply to access other court documents too.

New to the Coroners Court of Victoria?

The Coroners Court of Victoria is very different to other courts. If you are representing a party, you will notice significant differences in its inquisitorial practice and procedures.

Please read the Court’s Practice Handbook - please note that this handbook is currently being reviewed and some content may require updating. If you have any questions please contact us on 1300 309 519.   

Guidance on how inquests are run

Inquests are not held in the same way as criminal trials. Before appearing, please read the Guide to inquests.

Inquests are held for a small number of investigations, typically less than five percent per year.

Contact Births, Deaths and Marriages for the death certificate

You can order a standard death certificate from Births, Deaths and Marriages. The Coroners Court of Victoria does not issue deaths certificates.

Appeals and Section 77 applications

You may request coronial findings be set aside, or appeal coronial determinations and findings.

Complete the Application to set aside findings form and submit to the court.

Practice Directions

Our practice directions provide guidance around how you communicate with, and appear before the court.

Last updated on 18 Apr 2019