Court hearings list

Coroners Court of Victoria hearings are generally open to the public. Hearings are generally held at the Coroners Court of Victoria in Melbourne unless otherwise noted.

Types of hearings

Mention/Directions Hearings

These hearings allow the coroner and interested parties to discuss the future course of an investigation including matters related to outstanding evidence or investigative steps, whether an inquest is required and if so, a schedule of dates, the scope of inquest and any witnesses to be called.


The coroner will hear from witnesses, examine evidence and consider submissions from various parties.

Summary inquest

A summary of the facts and investigation will usually be presented. Generally, no witnesses are called but sometimes the Coroner’s Investigator (a police member) will give evidence about the investigation. The coroner may deliver their finding at the end of the hearing or provide it in writing at a later date.


The coroner may read out the entire finding or read selected parts. This will mark the closure of the coroner’s investigation.


Parties in a case come before a coroner at the conclusion of the evidence to make submissions about the findings the coroner should make. At a submissions hearing the submissions can be made verbally or in writing, or sometimes both. Sometimes a submission hearing is also convened to determine a discrete application or, a decision a coroner proposes to make about a matter concerning the investigation.

Court hearings list

Virtual hearings

In response to the State Government’s restrictions to reduce the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), all Coroners Court hearings, including inquests, will be convened via electronic and digital means where feasible.

For general enquiries about coronial hearings and to access virtual hearings please contact, email or phone 1300 309 519

For media enquiries about coronial virtual hearings, including hearing link requests, email

The Coroners Court is open and continues to actively investigate all cases. Coroners and staff are working in accordance with the restrictions imposed as a result of COVID-19 and remain committed to serving the community at this difficult time. For the latest updated on the Coroners Court response to the COVID-19 pandemic visit Coroners Court Coronavirus Update.