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  • Funeral Director - Application for the Release of Body

    This form is used by funeral directors on behalf of a family to apply for the release of a body for funeral arrangements.

  • General witness expense claim form

    As a witness you may incur costs associated with attending a hearing or providing evidence. This is a form to claim expenses relating to attending a hearing or providing evidence.

  • Notice of Application for Suppression Order

    Section 4 of the Open Courts Act 2013 provides that in order to strengthen and promote the principles of open justice and free communications of information, there is a presumption in favour of disclosure of information to which a court or tribunal must have regard in determining whether to make a suppression order. It should not be inferred or assumed that any information, materials, or documents will be suppressed.

    This is a form to apply for a suppression order.

  • Publications order form

    The Coroners Court of Victoria has many publications to help you understand the coronial process. Use this publications order form to order hard copies of some of our publications.

  • Reportable death checklist for hospitals or other medical facilities

    This form is used by medical professionals when reporting a death. The checklist will assist you to complete all required paperwork for a reportable death to the coroner.

  • Request for Consideration of Concerns

    This form is for families to submit their concerns for matters that fit within the coronial scope. The Court can be contacted to discuss which concerns fit within the coronial scope. Advice is also provided in the Court publication, Which organisation is most appropriate for your concerns?

  • Statement of Identification

    This Statement of Identification form is used to confirm identity of the deceased.

  • Form 16

    Request to Investigate a Fire

    This form is used to request a coroner to investigate a fire under Sections 30 and 31 of the Coroners Act 2008.

  • Form 20

    Application for Exhumation

    This form is to apply for the exhumation of a body. An exhumation involves retrieving a person's remains from a place of burial, usually for further examination.

  • Form 25

    Application for the release of body

    This form is used by family members to apply for the release of a body for funeral arrangements.

  • Form 26

    Request for Inquest into Death

    This form is used to request an inquest into a death.

  • Form 27

    Request for Inquest into Fire

    This form is used to request an inquest into a fire.

  • Form 31

    Application for Leave to Appear as an Interested Party

    This form is used to apply to become an interested party under Section 56 of the Coroners Act 2008.

  • Form 34

    Application to Access Seized Things or to Have Seized Things Released

    In the course of a coronial investigation a police officer may seize, take or receive things relating to the death of a person. This form is to apply to access to release these seized things under Section 114 of the Coroners Act 2008.

    This does not apply to tissue samples or other material that may be removed form a body.

  • Form 43

    Application to Set Aside Finding

    This form is used to apply to set aside a finding. Under Section 77 of the Coroners Act 2008, the Coroners Court of Victoria may only reopen an investigation and set aside the findings if satisfied that there are new facts and circumstances and it is appropriate to reopen the investigation.

  • Form 45

    Application for Access to Coronial Documents or Inquest Transcript

    This is an form to apply to access coronial documents or inquest transcripts.

    Find out more about the kinds of documents you can request.